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It was amazing. What was very nice about the event was that it was a small-sized event. Everybody had just finished their Q4’s, and a lot of guys involved in eCommerce best cpa network . Since the season was kind of over, everybody was very open to sharing, both the people that were teaching and the people that were learning and show their landing pages and images, because they done. Also, we had someone teaching Snapchat on Thursday, but we all just kind of started working on Monday so by Wednesday, before we even started the sessions on Snapchat, people were already launching best cpa network campaigns. You had like 15 people that were very good, high-level affiliates all kind of working together, so this made the event special for us.

Traffic source of
best cpa network

Snapchat for sure. We have a course coming up on Snapchat. One of our speakers would also speak, Matt Smith, he has been consistently making 5K and up to 20K of profit a day, and he got in pretty early, but now I see a lot of other people also getting in. I know someone who’s spending 50K a day, I know someone who’s spending a 100K a day in Q4, probably less now, someone else who’s spending 10K and getting back 40K.

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You have a lot of people making money on Snapchat physically. And then I started running it myself, and now I also make a very good profit best cpa network . So, I think that this is a traffic source where the CPM is very cheap, let’s say $4 in the U.S. and $2 in the UK, for example, compared to $20-$40 CPM on Facebook, so it’s still so cheap and there’s still a lot of room for people to make money there.

The other thing for affiliates that are just getting started, don’t have a lot of budgets or looking for cheaper opportunities, the traffic is so much cheaper on Snapchat. It costs less to test… everything is less. So, I think Snapchat will be the big platform. They just released reports as well that their earnings are up because of advertising.

Cheaper opportunities
best cpa network

We’re working a lot with Snapchat Israel and the general manager here. They are really putting efforts into getting advertisers on their platform, and they are way helpful. I don’t know how they did it, but their staff already knows how the platform works. Not only do they have good customer service and support like an American company, but they know what to do and what’s going on, and I think that this is going to make it very easy for people to on-board Snapchat. But I think it will last for about a year. The good money is now, for the next six months or so, but I think you will quickly see those prices go from $4 to $8. It is what it is.

More and more people will get on the platform, and they’ll start making more money. Snapchat’s policy, which is looser now, will get tighter, the type of offers they want will get tighter. The competition will drive up the cost.

One thing I’ve noticed about launching on Snapchat is not that it’s cheaper, but I’m doing mainly Lead Generation on the platform right now, and the quality of the leads is way higher. I believe that’s because people are fresh to the ads. The people that are hanging out on Snapchat are probably not hanging out on Facebook. The people on Facebook have already seen the ads about a million times, and the people on Snapchat are fresh, so when they’re a Lead and they call up, they are very interested. So, I think, six months on the really sweet money, and then a year, long money.


There are quite a bit. It’s shocking. But when you have enough of anything, you’re still going to end up with a bunch. It’s not Facebook, and it’s not like grandparents are using it. There are quite a few people on there, and at the end of the day, it works.

My friend has a $150 to $250 eCommerce product. He’s spending a 100K a day on Q4. Someone is buying it. So, I’ve been very surprised at, for example, Lead Generation, like credit card debt, which takes time to accumulate, age wise.

In America you have a credit card, you spend. You have a debt and people are filling out a form to get help with this debt. They’re not kids and leads like this have been very good.

Student loan consolidation – that’s another one. It just makes sense. College age, just entering the workforce, I think like 27-28 years old are probably a sweet spot. For some products, the re-bill rates are not good because you have younger people that buy something and then return it. So, we’ll see. Time will tell.

The workforce

Last year, after the Cambridge Analytica thing with Facebook, our revenue just took a hit, because we were doing Lead Generation, which is data collection, which kind of put us in a bad field. And then earlier this year, a few of my employees and myself had our personal Facebook accounts banned for 30 days. Facebook was still spending our money while we locked out. Ever since that happened, I’ve been on a huge drive to work on other sources.

Our spend on Facebook, which was our big engine of spend, decreased quite a bit.

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